A Zen approach to retail marketing

Creative campaigns to help a Gold Coast clothing brand get the tone right

Picture the scene: you’re on the Gold Coast of Australia, the warm breeze is flowing through your hair, the sun gently kissing your skin, the surfboard beneath your feet seamlessly cutting through the waves. That’s the vibe the Zen Warriors retail brand wanted to get across – they just didn’t know how.

We were asked to help get their tone right, with a marketing campaign that would help them make waves of a different kind. 

The work

Fact: we do not know how to surf. But we do know how to make creative advertising campaigns. We repositioned Zen Warrior’s marketing to focus more on campaigns, creating memorable user generated content that would have a much greater impact than their traditional tactical approach of ‘just paid ads.’ 

Basically, we embodied the spirit of Zen Warriors, showing its audience looking cool in its clothing and living the lifestyle people aspired to.

Creative Production

We supported Zen Warriors with working on their personas and targeting to understand how best to deliver a creative solution to the problem, how do we get more people on their wavelength. (stay with us, please)

Advertising – Paid Meta Ads

We then supported Zen Warriors with a Paid social campaign across Australia, with delivering campaigns that split by Gender, Age and interest with specific messaging and approach to reach a 5.2x ROAS across their Australian market reaching whole new audiences and leveraging that customer data for repeat business.

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