Woodfordes Brewery

Nestled on the picturesque coast of Norfolk, Woodforde’s is a well-loved brewery that is home to a wide range of beers and ales including two Supreme Champion Beers of Britain. Their latest drop is something completely different from anything they’ve done before giving us the perfect opportunity to do something completely different from their traditional advertising.

The work


After seeing the cans and hearing the story behind their names, we were HYPED! There was so much to use. Right in the brink of summer we held an ideation session where we refined the concept down to showing summer springing out of the can in a beach setting to reflect the Norfolk coast.


After honing in on the idea, we created a suite of artwork from cans in pub gardens with a sky backdrop to billboards by the beach. This was to be respectful that England doesn’t always offer the best weather, but with the new New World range consumers can get a splash of summer anytime.


Excited to flood people’s feed with these vibrant creatives, we supported Woodforde’s with their paid media campaign, seeing an uplift in followers and engagement across Instagram and Facebook.

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