The rebrand that took minimalism to a new level

U-Spec Facilities Services, or UFS between friends, has been providing the whole of the UK with facility management services for over 30 years. For landlords and property managers, they are lifesavers, but they needed some new energy adding to their brand to help them engage new audiences. They knew who to talk to.

The work

It could have been easy to cheat with our strategy here. We could, for example, have looked at what made UFS so successful over the past three decades and just tweaked it ever so slightly. But that’s not in our DNA. 

Brand Strategy

Instead we dug deep into the brand to reveal insights that even shocked them. We found facts that they’d forgotten about, audience analysis that had been hidden, and a brand history that had been trapped in the past. It was a lot of fun. We used all of this insight to decide on a new direction for the business, which really helped us bring the new visual identity to life.

Visual Identity

Vibrant. Clean. Completely bespoke. Those were the guiding words for the visual identity, and boy did they deliver. The logo was made from rectangles, just like the concrete slabs they lay, wood they cut and designs they create. It was replicated over digital collateral, marketing comms and the T-shirts their staff wear on-site. Now everywhere they see UFS, they see a brand they could be proud of.

Brand Experience – Website / Collateral

From taking a visual identity to showing the world, we delivered a new website experience and physical signage such as van graphics, poster/leaflets and business cards. To bring it all together to look slick and professional.

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