Twentiesfest is the only festival worth talking about for people in their 20’s (or wishing they still were) in the UK. Based in Liverpool, this new festival is birth-child of Talk Twenties, the podcast that covers everything about life in your 20’s; from finance and careers, to wellbeing and adventures.

The festival will be an extension of this with panel discussions, workshops and live music (including a bar or two)… are ready to peels the eyes of your audience with creative campaigns that break through the ordinary.

The work

As a brand new festival, Talk Twenties needed a full brand identity, including the logo and examples of brand application. The brief was to be loud, gender neutral and have visual impact in both digital and print. As well as this, it had to give a vibe of what the festival would entail, as it’s the first of it’s kind in the UK.

Visual Identity

The logo itself is loud and legible. The barcode represents everyones unique journey through their twenties, while showing that we’re all the same trying to conform and find our own way in life. This also doubles as an asset that can be used alone to house the “presented by talktwenties” logo. The orange colours are already part of the Talk Twenties brand, so these were complimented with a blue/purple gradient, keeping it gender-neutral. Mouths were used to symbolised the “Talk” Twenties mother brand and give it a retro 90’s feel with a cut-our scrapbook style.

Brand Experience

To further bring the brand to life, we showed examples of how it would be applied to merch. The T-shirts were shown to the Talk Twenties community and were a BIG hit – people wanting to purchase them before the event!

Work with us

and become unmissable

Be inspired

and become an “againster”