Suffolk Rape Crisis

‘Sexualised’ billboard that ‘perpetuated culture of rape’ removed after charity complaint.

Sexism still exists, even in Advertising. So when we were approached by Sophie Robinson, Board Member of Suffolk Rape Crisis, we knew we had to help with getting a replacement in place.

Our Work

There was an open letter created by Sophie Robinson, board member of Suffolk Rape Crisis (SRC). The letter questioned the company as to whether the advert implied the woman was easy to lay, or whether the ‘floor was so easy to lay, even a woman could do it.’

Major publishers picked up the story and wrote articles, increasing the awareness of the campaign.

Within 24 hours, the company came back with a public apology and removed the advert, which had been placed in the town centre where thousands of people are moving daily.

Creative Production

Supporting the mission of SRC we created the visuals and messaging for the new billboard, going in the exact same spot paid for by Garage Floor Direct.

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