Revving – Get Paid Get Ahead

Money, are we right? It can sometimes feel like payday takes aaagggeeesss to come around, and for online trading businesses, that delay can be as long as 180 days from the point of purchase. Our client Revving thinks that is far too long, and approached us for some creative campaigns to launch their message to market.

The work

Revving believes businesses shouldn’t have to wait for their revenue. They should have immediate access to the money they’ve earned in any currency. That’s why they’ve created new tech to revolutionise the way businesses manage cashflow.

Campaign Strategy

The Campaign messaging needed a simple and coherent message that the audience could understand and get behind. Like most Tech, businesses, our approach needed to be on selling the value as a concept rather than talking tech statistics. Our thinking led down many rabbit holes to reach our final, Get Paid Get Ahead. Including a finance Director on the back of an elephant, who thought huh.

Campaign Production

The campaign was ‘Get Paid, Get Ahead’ and with all the visuals on this page, you can see the multi-execution we had with this campaign across different medium digital and offline.

Advertising – Social Media

We further embedded our creative campaign with a social media launch, that took the imagery of Running and get ahead into carousel’s to take to the world.

Advertising – Paid Advertising

Revving was starting from the starting line. We needed to show we were building pipeline quickly for the next funding round and to elevate the brand at speed, we used Linkedin to target the right customers at the right level to engage in our advertisements

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