The Gatehouse – Milsom’s Kesgrave Hall

Milsom Hotels & Restaurants Group has a portfolio of some of the most exclusive properties in the holiday market. The Gatehouse – a stunning country manor in beautiful woodland near Kesgrave Hall – was their latest addition, and they needed a launch campaign to let everyone know about their new exclusive escape.

The work

The Gatehouse campaign was created to build excitement around this exclusive house coming as a brand new presence at Kesgrave Hall. As it was adaptable for lots of different uses, from golf getaways to celebration stays and family retreats, we needed a message that encapsulated all of this.

“Open the gates to boundless possibilities” has a nod to the property name The Gatehouse whilst creating excitement that the property has no boundaries for its use. It also reflects the blurred lines between the countryside and close by villages.

Campaign Strategy

With a new bookable location, we needed to make sure we had a creative campaign to launch across their audience. From channel selection, persona work and the ‘big idea and tag line, we needed to create a compelling offer for their audience.

Creative Production

On this basis we created a complete set of advertising collateral from print/online content, through to social and paid media assets. All hanging across the ‘open the gates to boundless possibilities’ line.

Activation – All Channels

We launched two campaigns to generate awareness, leveraging the high interest and press coverage, with a secondary campaign that was bookings focused once the project was completed. This resulted in 3x Persona Campaigns targeting our primary ICP’s with remarketing across Display and Channel specifics. on This basis we had a 6x ROAS and 4.83% CTR on ads.

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