Mental Health Hub

A confident new brand for a vitally important conversation

Mental Health Hub is an all-in-one online hub that empowers schools with the tools, expert training, and unwavering support they need to nurture resilient minds and shape a brighter future for everyone. Their mission is clear, to change the narrative of mental health in school environments. They are the energy that sparks a flame in others.

People lose their passion for what they do when they don’t have the tools to really make a difference. Their training, community and genuine relatability, ignite a passion in people they thought they’d lost. And we couldn’t wait to make the brand carry them forward on their mission.

The work

They needed a brand strategy and creative campaign to launch to market. When they saw our ideas they were all, “No way can you do that!” but then we did it, and now they’re all, “Oh my god thank you so much for doing that”.

No problem.

Brand Strategy

After extensive industry research, we identified a huge gap in the market to be the positive people, creating a new narrative for schools. By banishing statements like “mental health crisis” and instead reinforcing the positive change they are creating, the messaging beams optimism.

Visual Identity

Using tones of purple to bring energy, balanced with calming blues, the colour palette is the perfect fusion for the school setting.

The brand was brought to life through stickers, bags and catalogues. All of which will be given to partnering school to reinforce the sense of community.

Brand Experience

The brand was then brought to live in their portal, giving schools the ability to track and monitor their wellbeing across the school. By focusing on UX and UI Design to deliver a truly useful and accessible website experience.

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