The Matcha Yaad

Spreading calm energy from Jamaica to Japan

The Matcha Yaad brings together the bold flavours of Jamaica with ceremonial-grade Matcha from Japan to produce flavourful yet functional beverages to fuel your productivity. The culture fusion you never knew you needed but soon, won’t want to live without. For something so against the ordinary, we HAD to get involved.

Brand message

The messaging of The Matcha Yaad is distinctive. They’re not trying to compete with Monster energy drinks, not promising you’ll be buzzing for days. The calm energy comes from the low caffeine and natural benefits of Matcha, but with a fusion of Jamaican flavours it had to sound like a vibe.

We created a visual direction of people that represented different cultures and looked mindful to show the calm energy packed inside these vibrant cans.


With variations of “It calm energy” as the core messaging, we then created a series of visuals to represent the campaign’s vibe across OOH and social media and paid assets.

The subtle animation of the cans coming together shows the power of being united by flavour whilst creating the relaxing tempo of a deep breath in and out. Oooh, how fancy! The campaign will be rolled out by Matcha Yaad and we can’t wait to see the calm energy continue to spread.

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