Revving – Frozen in time

Revving is a new FinTech brand that is speeding up payments. With tools such as Google and the Apple App store taking well over 160 days for publishers to get their revenues back, Revving is solving a real problem with offering pre-invoice money to these companies for better cashflow and growth.

The work

Spoiler alert, this campaign generated 16 account leads. Revving has just landed a world-leading publication (NDA compliant) that has brought their 5 year business plan forward to Year 2. Now let’s get into how we did it…

Campaign Strategy

How can we show the frustration of waiting for money to become available? Oh yeah, freeze it. Ice melting is notoriously slow and painful, so we knew that this would cause an emotional reaction. Money frozen in a huge block of ice also isn’t something you see everyday, so we knew it would be attention grabbing. 

Campaign Production

We needed this thing to be everywhere. In every major city across the UK. All over the internet. Everywhere. We produced a suit of assets that showed the block of ice at landmarks to show the scale of areas affected by delayed payments.

Advertising – Social Media

Flooding their socials with a mixture of designed assets, the campaign video and imagery of different locations caused a stir and increased engagement rate 7.34% on Linkedin from 3.21%. Is it real? Is it not? The audience was torn.

Advertising – Paid Advertising

Supporting the efforts on organic socials, we used paid advertising to further raise awareness of delayed payments and the impact it has on so many businesses in the UK. We also tied it to a UK Government initiative to reduce payment turns, placing Revving right at the heart of the movement.

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