Friendly Olive

Little friends you can share with your friends

Olives are symbolic of peace and friendship, specifically the olive branch which dates all the way back to Greek mythology.

But, have you ever thought that olives judge you as you walk past them in the supermarket; that they look down on you as you clutch picnic ammo, your party rings and cool-flavoured Doritos. Well maybe not but we wanted to get rid of any pretentiousness beyond reasonable doubt..

The work

Brand strategy

Examining the olive market, there was a Grand Canyon sized gap for an olive that was…friendly. The shelves are stacked with this high in demand Kermit coloured fruit (yeah turns out they’re a fruit according to google.) The name wrote itself, and this made defining this jolly and joyful tone of voice an easy one.

Visual identity

To stand out on the shelf full of posh jars, we hand-picked happy colours that when paired slightly jarred (if you’ll pardon the pun). Each of the flavours has its own personified identity, with the goal to create a real relationships to the product, people are picking up their mates rather than a salty alien egg. The cute and cheeky illustrations are drawn directly onto photos of the olives, highlighting and giving character to the product


We have positioned the friendly olive as your go-to picnic pal, they challenge you as to why you aren’t having a picnic in the park right now. Urging people to become picnic obsessed our campaign lives in the digital world and OHH, harassing people with kindness to get packing and start picnicking. 

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