Cancer Support Suffolk

Cancer Support Suffolk is a pillar of the community and has been established since 1998. Their dedicated team includes complementary therapists, counsellors, educators, ambassadors and business brains that come together to educate and support the people of Suffolk.

With businesses on the brink of change, our team of independent thinkers, creators and strategists are ready to peels the eyes of your audience with creative campaigns that break through the ordinary, and that’s exactly how we helped Cancer Support Suffolk.

The Work

With their branding looking a little tired, they wanted to re-inject some new energy with vibrant colours and a focus on people to reflect the passion they have for the charity. We were beyond honoured to be part of this project, with such an amazing cause of helping local people.

Brand strategy

Over biscuits and cups of tea, we spoke about where Cancer Support Suffolk wanted to be in the future, who they’re trying to reach and a mighty plan of how we would achieve it through a personable brand that would attract people from all walks of life.

Visual identity

Of course, if was going to be loud. Cancer Support Suffolk wants to be a positive place where people can come and be their authentic self through all stages of cancer. With vibrant colours, plenty of assets and a friendly typeface, their new visual identity will do just that.

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