Cancer Support Suffolk

A new look for a heritage brand in the Suffolk community

Cancer Support Suffolk is a pillar of the community and has been established since 1998. Their dedicated team includes complementary therapists, counsellors, educators, ambassadors and business brains that come together to educate and support the people of Suffolk.

With the charity on the brink of change, our team were obsessed with giving the team something they could be proud of for years to come.

The Work

The purpose of the project was to give the charity a lease of new life, to attract a younger audience to the charity and place them in the fabric of the community as a welcoming place for anyone affected by cancer.

Brand strategy

Over biscuits and cups of tea, we spoke about where Cancer Support Suffolk wanted to be in the future and one key theme arose every time. It was about being an ACTIVE part of the community, being open to everyone and talking to people from all walks of life. It was this theme that we sculpted into their key messaging and values.

Visual identity

Taking the brand strategy and manifesting it visually meant speech bubbles were the perfect representation for the brand. It had to be easy to understand and approachable; from schools who have cancer awareness sessions to people in need of counselling, it had to be for everyone. Of course, if was going to be loud. Cancer Support Suffolk wants to be a positive place where people can come through all stages of cancer. With vibrant colours, and people at the heart of the identity, their new look and feel does just that.

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