Boo Milk

Moooooove over cow’s, the world’s most sustainable milk is here

With the rise of milk alternatives, the most sustainable option available has been overlooked for too long. Well not anymore says BOO milk, made from bamBOO, not BOObie – in case you were worried.

With such a disruptive new addition to the alternative milks hitting the shelves next year, the branding, messaging and advertising needed to thrust BOO Milk up there with the current market leaders. We were ready for the challenge.

The work


When you think of the biggest brands out there in food and drink, plenty have a mascot. Tony the tiger, the Pringles guy and now the BOO milk panda. The BOO panda has ‘boo milk’ in its eyes to reflect how mesmerising the product is for the original consumers of bamboo (panda’s). The branding is fun, vibrant and full of fun. Lots of milk brands are muted tones and we wanted to stand apart from that with lime green to reflect the sustainable nature of bamboo. This worked well across our packaging design as well as in their advertising campaign.


To launch the milk to market, we also ideated concepts to reinforce the brand messaging and spark some humour. As advocates for milk alternatives, BOO’s mission wasn’t to go after the competition, but to cow’s milk which isn’t as sustainable as bamboo milk. We thought it was about time cow’s retired, with yet another alternative being launched. It shows caring towards cows (we don’t hate them), by putting them on a beach with a book. The mission of the campaign is to build hype around the product before launching next year.

Work with us

and become unmissable

Be inspired

and become an “againster”