Preparing people for the future of cookies

Anonymised is disrupting the advertising industry with cutting edge-technology that allows businesses to target audiences without disclosing any personal data. With the end of third-party cookies quickly approaching, advertisers are looking for a solution and Anonymised is at the forefront of leading the new future of the industry.

The work

After going through a brand refresh, they needed an agency to break through the noise of mundane marketing with creative campaigns and marketing delivery. Against Ordinary was appointed to create and deliver a full-service campaign strategy and activation plan.

Campaign Strategy

It’s more than marketing, it’s business growth, and that’s exactly where we started. By getting under the skin of the company numbers, goals and positioning meant we could be ambitious (but achievable) with our targets and phase our approach to ensure their audience was targeted at every stage of the funnel.

Advertising – Social Media

From the offset we took over social media delivery, leading with industry knowledge and insights. They’re strong brand imagery and innovative technology caught the attention of scrollers and saw an increase in engagement immediately. Our efforts are focused on pushing awareness to the website with thought leadership and project win stories of well known brands in the industry.

Advertising – Paid Advertising

Anonymised are a very respectful business, however still in its infancy. We introduced a paid media plan utilising Linkedin to create an account based marketing strategy, that links ad placement to each target business before the sales team reaches out. Why? So that they have awareness of the brand before a pitch is even made.

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