We’ve joined Agency Hackers 🥳

We’ve been on a huge journey since founding the agency nearly two years ago. There’s been over 50 incredible projects, across more than 10 sectors, events, a rebrand, team growth and a studio.

Amongst the highs and lows, there’s been a LOT of learning. Something we pledge to remain open to throughout our lives as an agency. This is one of the reasons we wanted to start hosting The Marketing Meetup Ipswich. By doing this, we’ve been able to build a network of other agency owners, freelancers and internal teams from the likes of Bumble, SURREAL and PerfectTed.

Everyone is at different stages of their journey and we love soaking up that good inspiration of other people’s stories and being able to support them if we can in return.

One of our biggest focusses in our first year of business has been processes. Yuck, we know. They’re not the most fun thing, but they are crucial for running an agency efficiently, giving clients consistency and scaling more effectively. This is something we learnt from other agency owners in our network – what a gem. But there’s so much more out there we’re yet to discover, and like every younger sibling, we’re ready to be slapped into shape by people a little further in the journey than us…

Enter ✨ Agency Hackers ✨

(and the wonderful Ian Harris)

There are plenty of agency networks out there, all with a sightly different positioning. But after we attended a few Agency Hackers events, like their comedy night in London, we just felt the vibe was right. Agency Hackers members are an alchemy of advertising, creative, e-commerce, SEO, PR and more. All with different experiences and perspectives making it a great place to learn something new and collaborate with people with differing service lines. There are lots of benefits to being a member, such as exclusive access to the forum, workshops and events.

So that’s it, we’re officially part of the coolest agency crew around. We plan on making the most of this new network of inspiring agency owners, so if that’s you say hey 👏

If it’s not you, wow, you must be really interested in what we’re up to. It’s probably time to check out our work.

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