The Marketing Meetup Ipswich with Roland Gurney

A Marketing Meet up like no other in Ipswich.

TMM Ipswich – Roland Gurney

Back at it again, and this time with a totally new look, two new sponsors, a talk filled with mildly-offensive-hard-hitting-truths and silly glasses being passed around like a baby at a Christening. Oh yes, this TMM had it all going on, so let’s get into it…

The night started off as it always does, a belly full of beige (but, like, scrumptious beige that keeps pulling you back for more) courtesy of our favourite place to fuel ambition, Paddy & Scott’s. The vibe was just right with blend of music in the background and the most amazing food, people were ready to mingle.

As another full house event, the room was alive with people percolating with excitement for the talk and treats, which we took full advantage of by asking people to get involved in our silly little glasses video. It was a great conversation starter and exercise for people to loosen up a little and obviously a gentle reminder of our new branding, which we’ll get into now.

After inviting everyone to be seated, our Creative Director Be stepped up to welcome all the friendly faces in the crowd and introduce our new brand Against Ordinary. There was an audible gasp from the crowd at the reveal of the new identity (or it could have been we’d run out of nibbles) and position within the industry. Say goodbye to mundane marketing and hello to creative campaigns driven by emotional influence. 

Anyway, enough about us because we had two other people to introduce before our incredible speaker Roland. The first is Development Agency; Fellowship, who are a new sponsor for The Marketing Meetup Ipswich, and the second is Brand Recruitment, the experts in marketing and creative hiring. We are excited to have them on board to help make our events possible!

Hot with anticipation, it was time for the big drum role and bring Roland Gurney to centre stage, but only after an incredible introduction:

Roland Gurney is a human male of average height with generic dark hair and two matching eyes. His best features include breathing, blinking and the ability to use basic tools. He was born extremely young and has gone on to become the world’s best person called Roland Gurney who has all these common characteristics. He’s the incredible mastermind behind the parody BEIGE agency, that even won an award at The Drum Awards and one of my personal favourite speakers, a big hand for Roland please…

It’s always good to get a cheap laugh out of the audience before you even get in front of them, you’re welcome Roland.

The speech took us through why being better isn’t the best positioning, it’s too dependant on peoples interpretation of ‘the best’, too open to defend and too arrogant. Instead Roland honed in on the power of having a really clear niche by means of completing his framework.

With jokes throughout, a beer in hand, and final questions answers immaculately, it could only have gone better if he TOLD us our positions in our respective industries. But where would the fun be in that? Instead, he did hand out printed sheets of the framework for everyone to complete on their own time. Yay homework…

Our next event will be announced soon across socials. Same location. Same vibes. New speaker. Or why not check for yourself here.

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