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The Mental Health Hub Workshop in London

Nothing beats just being present, no distractions, no lag, and no being left on mute. Just human connection and a shared goal being worked on in a room full of people.

That’s what we relished in last week. The Against Ordinary team went down to London to host a workshop with our clients at Mental Health Hub. They’ve developed a software for schools to track, monitor and prove the mental wellbeing of the entire school through advanced software.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Firstly, the office was incredible, just a stones throw away from St Pauls Cathedral, giving beautiful city scape views from the 9th floor of the building.

We started the day with outlining the agenda for the day and the project timelines, so we could all focus on the goal in hand. Jordan lead the morning session with customer journey mapping and a launch strategy of how we’re going to take this incredible software to market.

Post-it note madness

It was great to get everyone shouting ideas and seeing a tangible map made of post-its. We find this more engaging than doing it on a screen, although everything was swiftly replicated in miro after the meeting!

The afternoon session was guided by Be, who got under the skin of why the company was founded, who their ideal audience is, how they answer their problems, and what Mental Health Hub’s brand vibe might start to feel like.

Feeling energised and excited from the sessions, we ended the day with a drink in a nearby pub!

The time spent together was invaluable, getting to know the clients personally, understanding their true motives for business success and building authentic relationships.

On our way back to the station, a sudden gust of wind swept us straight into the Ned for a debrief on the day and to map out our post-workshop actions.

Visiting clients in person and having genuine relationships is something we are passionate about and will continue to prioritise throughout the growth of Against Ordinary.

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