The Marketing Meetup Ipswich with Romilly Bodington

PerfectTed brings the energy to Ipswich

TMM Ipswich – Roland Gurne

Green is the new black when it comes to coffee, with matcha winning the hearts and souls of everyone who tries it. It’s no wonder PerfectTed wanted to bring this vibrant marvel to the UK and lead the change with caffeine consumers. After growing organically, the founders of PerfectTed went on Dragon’s Den and not only did they receive offers from every dragon, they chose to bring on Steven Bartlett as an investor and advisor – big win.

It’s no surprise that they have since become the UK’s fastest growing matcha brand with a huge community of loyal followers and partnerships with the likes of Joe and the Juice and The Hardest Geezer. But how does such a young brand (with the average employee age of only 23), continue to push the boundaries of the industry while staying in the spotlight with their consumers?

Don’t worry, we only asked their Marketing and Community Manager Romily (Romy) Bodington to come and tell us all about it, and boy did she deliver.

Before we get into the juicy contents of the talk, let’s set the scene…The news of PerfectTed coming to Ipswich pulled a new crowd to this months TMM Ipswich including a wide range of other product-based businesses hoping to get some nuggets of knowledge to integrate into their own marketing strategy – we love to see it!

There was plenty of time for networking, exchanging ideas, and even nabbing a few photo’s around the venue. It’s at this point we also have to shout out the immaculate food provided by Paddy & Scott’s, if awkwardly making eye contact while stuffing your mouth with sausage roll is your thing, you’ll be right at home here. They’re beyond delicious and paired well with a can of PerfectTed matcha, if our refined palettes say so.

It was time to be seated and for the talk to commence, kicking off by thanking our event sponsors Fellowship Agency. Everyone was looking very serious and ready to take notes, if you look closely the lady with the blue lanyard even had a notepad out. She was not alone…

Romy jumped up and the crowd were in awe. Her talk outlined her path into marketing, using emoji’s to pinpoint parts of per personality that helped her get there. Very Gen-Z, but luckily no-one asked what an emoji was…they googled it.

From her room in University, Romy reviewed a PerfectTed drink and caught the attention of the founders. They invited her to interview for an upcoming marketing role and she got ✨ creative ✨ with her application which landed her the position just before she graduated. There were lots of raised eyebrows in the crowd from her sheer passion and determination to get into a field she loved.

Her role since joining PerfectTed has been nothing short of a whirlwind, from running around London in a green morph suit to co-ordinating photoshoots and overseeing the collaboration with The Hardest Geezer (you know, the man who ran the whole length of Africa), she’s done it all.

Romy even shared some behind the scenes, tips on how to be savvy with marketing spend and nurture and engaging your community, but you had to be there for those bits. Oops! No spoilers here.

Make sure you don’t miss the next one and you won’t need to rely on a blog-write up for the juicy gossy-goss.

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