Pleese come to the studio

What does Dragons Den, The Queen and Aldi all have in common? You’re about to find out…

We welcomed Pleese, AKA Freezecakes, AKA the best desserts to grace the icy shelves of supermarkets, to our studio. Joe and Dan, who are absolutely changing the game in the frozen desserts category have been on a one hell of a journey. Joe started his career as a painter and decorator, but always had a sweet tooth for a dessert of two after putting in a long shift of hard graft. He had a (not so hidden) talent of making cheesecakes in the most extra way you can imagine, because if you’re having a treat you want to really have a treat right?  

These extravagant cheesecakes went VIRAL, being shared by Joe Wicks and landing Joe the surreal experience of making one for the Queen of England. Big wow. Founder of Freezecakes, Joe then went onto Dragons Den where each of them swooned over the creamy deliciousness of their recipes but Joe walked away without investment (he did get an offer from Touker Suleyman, which he gracefully turned down), and continued to grow the business alone… 

So why did they come to our little studio in Essex?

Freezecakes have a following of 2.1M across their social media accounts, so when the big imitator retailer Aldi, brought out a product that was nearly identical to Freezecakes it went VIRAL.

Aldi are known for bringing out products that are very close to other brands on the market in a bid to compete with them. This made national news only a few years ago with M&S taking Aldi to court over their Colin the Caterpillar cake being closely copied by Aldi’s ‘Cuthbert the Caterpillar’ – they could have at least used a better name…

Luckily, Freezecakes had a mass army of frozen cheesecake lovers who weren’t having any of it. Once again, Aldi were going viral for all the wrong reasons.

The team at Against Ordinary were already avid fans of Freezecakes (often wearing disguises to avoid judgment from their local Waitrose), and saw this as an opportunity to shine a positive light on Freezecakes.

We reached out the the guys at Freezecakes and invited them to have a creative workshop to discuss their plans for the summer and how they can leverage campaigns to gain more momentum off the back of the Aldi dispute.

How did it go?

After a few calls discussing ideas and plans for the future, we set a date for them to come over to the studio, which we’ve now branded as The Ideas Factory – because it’s where the fun stuff happens.

Much like the night before Christmas, we were too excited to sleep, so we did something akin to little elves. We created a scaled-down version of one of the billboard concepts we had presented to them and put it up in the studio. But we didn’t stop there, the concept we had was creating a Frozen Cheesecake Van to compete with Ice Cream Vans in the summer, so to bring it to life even more, we created a shelf to put the product on.

In real life, this could be a great activation with members of the Freezecakes team on standby to hand out the products to members of the public on exceptionally hot days. Take that icecream! 

When the lovely guys from Freezecakes came over to the studio, they were full of energy and all like “wow, wasn’t expecting that!!” “How did you make that shelf” and “There was traffic, can we use the loo?”. It was a moment of magic.

The actual meeting was classified AF. Just know that ice-cream is out this summer and frozen cheesecake is taking over. 

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