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Making social change with Suffolk Rape Crisis

‘Sexualised’ billboard that ‘perpetuated culture of rape’ removed after charity complaint.

That was the headline of many papers that covered the story taking over Ipswich last week.

A billboard poster with the words ‘It’s so easy to lay’ next to a “sexualised woman in a tiny dress and high heels” has been taken down following Suffolk Rape Crisis’ letter (Image: Suffolk Rape Crisis)

There was an open letter created by Sophie Robinson, board member of Suffolk Rape Crisis, and founder of moodi marketing. The letter questioned the company as to whether the advert implied the woman was easy to lay, or whether the ‘floor was so easy to lay, even a woman could do it.’

The letter also states: ‘Adverts like yours’ affect how women feel about themselves, how women are treated by the police and the justice system and by wider society.

Major publishers picked up the story and wrote articles, increasing the awareness of the campaign. Within 24 hours, the company came back with a public apology and removed the advert, which had been placed in the town centre next to a busy roundabout.

Suffolk Rape Crisis

In addition to removing the billboard, Suffolk Rape Crisis also demanded that the company put up an advert for the charity in its place. Sophie contacted Against Ordinary for some of the creative we are known for and together, we made a statement with the new billboard.

The billboard was designed to show the anger against outdated thinking. “It was just a joke.” is a phrase that’s used too frequently to downplay the sexist behaviours Suffolk Rape Crisis stand so strongly against.

Graffiti over “just a joke” and replacing it with “sexist” calls the statement out for exactly what it was. This is the kind of passion that will put an end to society’s perception of damaging narratives. The message is supported with a statistic of how many women are sexually assaulted.

The new advert has gained press attention and will remain in place of the previous controversial advert for the following weeks.

If you’ve been affected by the topics in this post, please reach out to Suffolk Rape Crisis: 01473 231 200.

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