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Lily Kn, Senior Art Director at Bumble speaks at TMM Ipswich

“Oh shit, that was good.” “The bar has officially been raised for networking events in Ipswich.” “Did she really just say d*ck pic?”

Those were just a few of the comments that came from The Marketing Meetup x Against Ordinary first event in Ipswich. We’ll take that as a win.

The Marketing Meet up Ipswich Edition

Although Ipswich is buzzing with creative and marketing talent, there’s never been an event to really bring everyone together as community. As a relatively new business, we wanted to kickstart our journey as we mean to go on, by creating a strong network and breaking down the barrier of seeing each other as competitors. There’s so much power in people coming together to share knowledge, concerns, and experiences.

With an impressive turnout of over 60 people, there was clearly a thirst for a positively lovely networking event in the area.

The night was hosted at Paddy & Scott’s on Ipswich Waterfront, and with the strapline “Fuelling ambition” we couldn’t think of a venue we’d rather have. The mood was relaxed with drinks on arrival and lots of delicious treats that created easy icebrakers – we’re not complaining!

After 45mins of networking and acting like you weren’t eating your own body weight in desserts, it was time to be seated for the talk we’d all be waiting for.

Creativity with AI

Lily Kn, Senior Creative Lead at Bumble presented her talk “How to empower and scale creativity with AI” you know, the sort of stuff that confuses your nan.

Lily took centre stage and blew the minds of everyone there, no understatement. There were GIF’s galore, creative prompts and tangible takeaways. Yes, something for everyone in the audience, whether you were a freelancer looking for help with the ideation process or an agency looking to speed up creative concepts.

The Q&A session at the end was handled with ease by our AI expert and there was a buzz of new knowledge in the room and excitement of how to implement it.

We were overwhelmed with positive feedback and would like to thank everyone for attending the event. This will be bi-monthly going forward with our next on in early December.

If making awkward eye contact with a stranger while reaching for a second sarnie is your thing, sign up to keep up to date with the next event…

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