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John Thornton, Creative at SURREAL speaks at TMM Ipswich

John Thornton, Creative at SURREAL speaks at TMM Ipswich

The office hottie

What can you learn from the office hottie and creative from Surreal Cereal? Quite a lot actually, and we’re going to breeze over the job title of Office hottie… so let’s get into it.

The positively lovely Marketing Meet up returned with its second event hosted by anti-ordinary and speaker John Thornton from SURREAL Cereal and Innocent Smoothies fame.

John had a slide deck of 128 slides. 128. Most of us would normally run for the hills, but instead of showing us some graphs that go up to the right, he decided to show us 128 slides of him competing against dogs on social media. It was enough to make the ears of dogs and the RSPCA stand up – literally one of the audience worked for the RSPCA. Awkward…

The key takeaway here is that the world of social media has gotten much larger than battling it out in your industry, you are competing for attention, mainly with our furry friends.

The bearded grape

From there we spoke about silliness on social media, how John was sweating at Innocent Smoothies trying to beat the social engagement of a bearded grape. Imagine saying that to someone 30 years ago. Finally taking the mantle as the most engaged post at his time at Innocent with the infamous ‘is it blue or green’ debate.

John pinned all of his success to “just going for it” and “not giving a shit if the boss can’t sleep at night” with no sign-off process before posting on socials. Beautiful sentiments we can all take into the new year.

Beyond the laughter and unconventional, the event was a treat for the senses. Paddy and Scott’s Ambition House served up fantastic sausage rolls, where we had at least 5 each but who’s counting in December anyway. And there was even fancy festive Baileys at the bar, trying saying that after a couple! 

The atmosphere was positively lovely, with the main attraction the marketing meet up events of providing a safe space for like-minded individuals to connect and share ideas. 

In a nutshell, the Ipswich Marketing Meetup not only provided valuable insights into the unconventional side of marketing silliness but also kept the same vibe of connecting with local marketers, and shared experiences. 

Stay tuned for more escapades from the Against Ordinary team as the marketing meet up will continue to make a star appearance across the 2024 calendar in Ipswich.

Why not stay up-to date with our silliness on socials and maybe, even maybe we might post about the next upcoming event in the New Year. 

No promises.

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