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Halloween Campaigns worth screaming about

We’re getting quite the reputation, for not only being a creative fountain ready to drench anyone who asks, but for being tricksters with a bunch of hoax campaigns.


We love a brand that’s not scared of having a bit of fun..

You can turn a pint of Guinness into almost anything, a vampire, a surfboard, a banging headache – we’re definitely guilty of the last one! Guinness’ marketing was founded on the idea that “it has to be as good as the product itself” – a famous quote from Mr Guinness himself.

With this in mind, and it naturally championing the darkness of Halloween, we created a minimal poster that mimics the shape/colour ways of Guinness that they’re famously known for.

Being a drink, that I personally can’t get enough of, the white section at the top HAD to be vampire teeth, not only to show it’s spooky Halloween, but because sometimes this is actually how possessed I feel drinking the stuff!


Maybe less of the personal shares on this one, as we move from Guinness to Durex. As a brand, they’re known for being a bit tongue in cheek with their humour and this has been mimicked by other hoax campaigns from creatives over the years. So we wanted to go a bit different for Halloween.

Halloween is all about trick or TREAT, but the treat part is often overlooked so we wanted to keep it positive with this campaign. Pulling on the idea of heat, passion and burning desires, we created “get ready to scream with pleasure” which shows a lady looking a little possessed.

The best part of the campaign is how open to interpretation it is. All we know, is what ever she’s doing, she’s having a good time doing it!

Who you gonna call?

Would it be Halloween without a retro throw back in the mix? This was the product of some late night wild thoughts and lots of biscuits.

We wanted to see how we could take a happy character with no Halloween ties and put them in a different situation where they could be seen as the villain. I then thought about how many horror films have cars broken down in the scariest of streets, with no contact to anyone else and then the idea popped to Michelin.

The ad breaks the norm as the Michelin man is actually the hero here, so we’ve flipped the original poster from Ghost Busters from having the villian as the main character to our hero taking centre stage. Also, the similarity of the two characters is uncanny! If you’re curious, here’s the original…

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed hearing some of the thinking behind our Halloween campaigns. And if you’re struggling for ideas marketing your brand, who you gonna call?

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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