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Christmas Campaigns to soak in

Christmas advertising

Christmas is a time for giving, and boy are we giving you some cheer. There’s always the adverts you expect over Christmas, ones reminding you to check in on loved ones, ones that liberate you to make your own traditions. And this year, a giant venue fly trap even somehow made the cut.

But what about the northerns? What about us foodies? And what about the people who just want to soak in Christmas cheer?

Well, we introduced the Lush Gravy Bath Bomb.

Lush Gravy Bath Bomb

Don’t worry, it’s glittery and comes in a pink retro box so fabulous Lush fans will love it. To be super clear that it’s gravy and not chocolate, we’ve included the star of every Christmas dinner, the mighty Brussels sprout.

The gravy bath?

If that’s not enough, we even have some fantastic evidence to prove this is a smash-hit product, a huge billboard of a girl looking happier than Santa, after 1 day’s work.

It’s a bizarre product, that came from a belief that people are always looking for the next “wow” joke present at Christmas.

Lush are renowned for their amazing smelling and beautifully decorated bath bombs. Combine the two together and boom, you get a glittery bath bomb that turns to gravy in the tub. We debated including a straw with each box to prove that it’s edible. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Now, where’s that plunger? I’m ready to give this bad boy a go…

Gordons Gin Creative Campaign

The second creative hoax of the season came from a fascinating study that showed searches for “fancy non-alcoholic cocktails” increased by 220% in 2023, which could show more people are looking for a good time, not a long time (in the form of a hangover), this Christmas.

You don’t need to tell us twice to create a good time. So, we cracked on with a concept for Gordons Gin. Imagine if all our favourite songs were written with a hangover, they’d probably go like this…Play


The video shows girls having a wild night, under the illusion they’re getting trollied and won’t remember the next morning. That’s when we hit you with the plot twist, they were non-alcoholic drinks all along. The final tagline “This Christmas, give yourself the gift of remembering it.” is a gentle nudge that not ever occasion of Christmas needs to be a “merry” one.

Thats a wrap on our hoax campaigns for the year (not sorry at all for the pun).

We’ve got plenty up our sleeve for the new year, so stay tuned on our socials and prepare to continue to be opinionated…

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