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And the winner is… DevelopHer 2023

Working at an agency comes with many perks; people not fully understanding your job, low expectations for dress code and attending buffet-filled award ceremonies…

The first event we had the pleasure of attending (now as a fully-fledged team of four!!) was the DevelopHer Awards, where our own Creative Director Be, was finalist for The Eye for Design category.

If you saw our social media posts about the event, you’ll know how much we loved it. It’s a place for everyone in the tech and creative industry to come together to celebrate amazing women.

As always, Vickie did a great job of hosting the night, and the buffet didn’t stand a chance against the Against Ordinary table! We also had our honorary member of member of the team with us, Sophie Robinson of moodi marketing and board member of Suffolk Rape Crisis.

Did you see that sexist billboard that blew up on social media, made national press and caused outrage towards billboard standards? Oh yeh, that was a result of our collaboration with Sophie, and you can catch up on that here.

Eye for Design Award

Back to the awards now, where are hands were tired from cheering everyone on. But it was time for us to hold still for one moment as the Eye for Design award was up next.

Be was nominated for her endless creativity, passion to succeed and strong moral compass. She was in the spotlight, poised for glory. But as they say, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. Normally reserved for people that wish you well after you well, lose. 

Which Be did! But here’s a quote from our resident runner-up.

“I can’t believe I lost! It took 12 dresses to find this one. Wait, stop taking notes. You can’t put all of this in the quote. Honestly, being on this table as a solid team of four (five with our honorary member) made me feel like a winner tonight. My life was so different just a year ago and I couldn’t be happier.”

So, here’s to Be – our hero of design, the nominee who didn’t nab the trophy but managed to steal the hearts of the Against Ordinary crew. And here’s to our team. Nabbing the trophy of the most sausage rolls eaten in an award ceremony. 

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