5 ordinaries you CAN live without

Ever feel like you’re not connected to your marketing? Perhaps it’s a longer sign-off windows, perhaps it’s 7 rounds of amends to get the job done or it’s just a bit, well, dull…

We’ve looked into 5 ordinary marketing annoyances that just annoy the crap out of business leaders and how they can be so easily solved. 

7 rounds of amends

Ever had it where the first draft wasn’t quite right, the second wasn’t and now it’s just getting tedious? It’s also getting tedious for the marketing team and agency but where does the responsibility lie? 

Most of the time it’s one phone call that actively listens to feedback, understanding why, how and what needs to change properly, get it right properly. 

Constant sign off processes delaying activity

Ever had an agency wait on you to sign off the most simplest of marketing activities whilst you’re running around putting out fires in operations, sales and sorting out a new contract? Agencies are scared to sign off without a client’s permission and to some level rightly so.

Brand project? Yes

New Website designs? Yes

Social Media post that has already been repurposed? No. 

Think of it like bowling, get those safety lanes up and let the marketing team do the hard work.

Email, Email Email

You’re busy & so is your agency? But when did we all turn into tennis players, batting emails backwards and forwards until someone PICKS UP THE PHONE. Communication is key in Marketing and sometimes communication is as simple as just picking up the phone for 2 minutes to talk it through. 

Get into the rhythm at the start, find the best way to communicate and then follow through with it. Either meeting schedules or bullet point slack messages – find a way that works for both. 

Repeating yourself constantly to new people

The worst we’ve found is when a new agency contact joins that clearly hasn’t been briefed properly, they have assumptions and ideas, which is great for the enthusiasm meter – but we tried that 2 weeks ago and it didn’t work. 

Your agency needs a process to capture critical information in a ‘fact find’ about the business, ensuring business intel isn’t lost and everyone is on the same page.

Overly complicated budgets

Invoice 1 for £139

Invoice 2 for £2,999 

Invoice 3 for £621 

No itemised descriptions – why? It’s painful to try to reconcile invoices to activity, normally because the marketing agency is scared they will be ‘found out’ and ‘questioned.’ which is just ridiculous. 

In our opinion, you sign off on a budget because you know the metrics and goals. If you don’t know what the budget is then being used for when it’s articulated back to the strategy, that’s on you. 

How do you solve them all?

Whether it’s 1 or 5, don’t put up with ordinary marketing and processes. Find a partner that actively fights mundane and ordinary marketing and is trying to make your life easier, not harder. 

Growing your business is not an easy task, but finding a partner that allows you to get back to ensuring the product is as good as the marketing needs to be the goal here. When looking at your next partner, what processes will they bring to speed up and ensure quality in the work you all produce? 

Your vision isn’t ordinary so why should your marketing?

Get in touch and we will create a plan to grow your business better. 

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