Retirement rebels

Breaking stereotypes instead of hips for this retirement campaign

Getting old is often (wrongly) associated with getting boring. Damn, imagine living through 70 years of trends, pop culture and social change only to be dubbed as an “old fogey”. Well we’re not having it, and neither is our community of retirement rebels. Standing against the ordinary perception of retirement, this collective is here to show that retirement might just be the best time to live life without limit (hips permitting).

The mission

Retire gracefully?

Nah, not here. This concept shines a light on the possibilities that retirement holds. You’re the wisest you’ve ever been, you’ve probably got the most money you’ve ever had. Why not start a new hobby or open your dream shop?

The campaign tagline is “Forget rocking chairs, have a life that truly rocks” which perfectly sums up the mission for this community.

The visuals for it are inspired by the 70’s and 80’s punk scene that were spearheaded by the likes of David Bowie and The Sex Pistols. This was done to take our key demographic back to their youth, when they too were perhaps part of the movement. It’s been created this way to spark that young spirit and fight mentality in a generation that’s been through it all.


Work with us

and become unmissable

Be inspired

and become an “againster”