Barbie x Tampax

Because pink is the new red

You’ve seen it haven’t you?

The pink parade has been unmissable, as the Barbie marketing team have been in full force creating hype around the much-anticipated movie. There have been all pink billboards, Barbie AI filters and more collaborations than anyone could have guesses, the Burger King being one of the most surprising! But something all us Barbies would have welcomed with open arms, is something that unfortunately still has so much stigma around it…

The mission

“58% of women claim changes to their body and people seeing them take period products to the toilet (31%) as reasons they felt ashamed, anxious or embarrassed about their periods.”

As the new movie sees Barbie breaking out of the utopia of Barbie Land with Ken to enter the real world, one where she presumably experiences periods. While their is so much hype around Barbies, being girlie, femme and cute, why not use this powerful forces to help put an end to period stigma?

We stepped in to show you exactly what that could have looked like, because let’s be honest, pink is the new red…

Work with us

and become unmissable

Be inspired

and become an “againster”