airfreight company

Getting your package where you want it, up

Imagine working in freight, where everyone talks about safe shipping, speedy cargo and weights of parcels. Yeah, it all sounds a bit ordinary, so we thought there could be another way to do it. Enter a very ballsy airfreight company…

The mission

We worked closely with an airfreight company to understand the challenges of the industry as well as the demographics that the most likely to be found there. The insight we got was that it is a drrrryyyyy place to be; lots of phone calls, spreadsheets and cost-comparison.

So, to give a little laugh here and there, we create a campaign to cut through the noise and cut to the chase. “Want to get your package up? Us too.” It’s as simple as that. Catching the eyes and attention of their key demographic, this campaign would be perfectly placed in toilets at conventions and anywhere that it can command the attention is deserves.

Haha, brilliant.

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