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*Acrobatics are no longer permitted in interviews following “the incident.”

Eat mundane, spit sensational

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Ready to stand for something?

Looking for a steady gig where you can turn up, churn some work out and head home? You’re probably in the wrong place. We’re looking for mavericks, people who’ve maybe spent a bit too much time in previous agencies’ bad books for not accepting better, the kind who look at a ‘thought leader’ on LinkedIn and have thoughts of their own about how very, very wrong they are.

We’ve been viral a few times on social media for our outrageous ideas and big opinions. It’s something we get a thrill from, so you’ll need to be just as fierce in fighting for your creative work no matter how much people raise concerns over your “hoo-ha”.

If you’re an ordinary creative, sorry, we’re not for you. If you eat ordinary for breakfast, we’d love to talk.

Our taste in music isn’t as good as our taste in creative

But don’t hold that against us, we all have our flaws. Tune into playlists to get you in the perfect state of flow, fuel your creativity or give your lungs a thrashing, we’re not here to judge.

Be brave. Reach out.

We didn’t get where we are from playing it safe, so if you’re like us and want to demand a job that we’re not hiring for, reach out anyway. If you found the role you want in the list above, here’s how to apply. The more creative and authentically you your CV / Portfolio is, the better.

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