Barbie x Tampax

Because pink is the new red

You’ve seen it haven’t you?

The pink parade has been unmissable, as the Barbie marketing team have been in full force creating hype around the much-anticipated movie. There have been all pink billboards, Barbie AI filters and more collaborations than anyone could have guesses, the Burger King being one of the most surprising! But something all us Barbies would have welcomed with open arms, is something that unfortunately still has so much stigma around it…


and opportunity

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The big idea

There was an open letter created by Sophie Robinson, board member of Suffolk Rape Crisis (SRC). The letter questioned the company as to whether the advert implied the woman was easy to lay, or whether the ‘floor was so easy to lay, even a woman could do it.’

The story boomed and quickly made national press as well as local. Within just 24 hours, the company removed the advert, which had been placed in the town centre where thousands of people are moving daily.

Creative Production

With the space kindly being gifted to Suffolk Rape Crisis, they reached out to us for a bold creative billboard to clap-back to the previous ad.

Sexism is often brushed over as being “just a joke” so this was the angle we took, but with grafiti to call it out for exactly what it was.

Not only did this de-bunk an awful phrase just to justify sexism but it shows that words matter – a nod to the fact that the words on the previous billboard should have been considered more.

Tell us how we did

You know when you were a kid and you went to feed the ducks? You’d throw some bread in, imagining that the ducks would share it and take it home to their ducky families. But you’d be wrong. The ducks would go crazy, flapping their wings and pecking at each other as they tried to get the biggest chunks. It was carnage, and your child mind was forever tarnished by merciless nature.

That kind of fight runs through everything we do. We believe in making the world of marketing significantly better than it currently is, creating campaigns that people will be talking about for generations to come. We fight for the best ideas, we scrap for creative spirit, and we punch hard if ever anyone suggests playing it safe.

Some would say we’re being cocky. We’d reply by saying if you don’t believe in doing something amazing, you’re basically just a piece of bread, waiting around for a duck to swallow you.

Work with us

and become unmissable

Be inspired

and become an “againster”